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Thursday, May 26, 2011

unbelievable & thankful

*My backbones ♥ ♥ ♥ *

Huaaa, so many incomplete entries here and at last being stupid drafts. So, I decided to delete all of them. Okay done!

Oh, seems like everyone is updating about their result isn't? So do I. BUT! I'm not going to tell everyone about my pointer, sorry peeps. Sorry. :)

First of all, I am so grateful after seeing my result. Yup, honest to be said, I can't believe that! I got back what I supposed to get. Alhamdulillah, syukran Ya Allah. I am soooo shocked and crying like crazy lol what a childish you are! ;p This is the first time ever I've checked my result too early on 12.13 am! Not as usual when Uncle N was always check on my result first. The result appeared was so fast, without any hanged or jammed or whatsoever. Within one minute, here you are, see your result! :DDD

Yes! I cried like crazy. If you know what happened to me during my finals exam, you will know how much problems and pains I need to face. Every paper that I've sit, I will cry and feel disappointed because I know my own effort which I do not recover all the chapters well. Plus, I've problems with my friends *I won't tell it on detail*. I am so stress and being down. And again, my allergic came back and it became so worst. I got two injections and so many medicines need to be taken. Thanks Zulaika Puad, she helped me a lot during my sickness. There is much pressure when the medicines taken are so sleepy! I did my revision with the sleepy eyes, but I need to force myself. Seriously, Dean List is not my goal for this semester because I know how much my efforts are. I just hope that I will pass those killer papers, that's all. *Tawakal gila and doa jela banyak2*

I am very lucky because I have my beloved family which they are always give me useful advices. That's important thing because no matter how worst your situation are, your family is the first who keep on supporting you. Besides, true best friends also play an important role to support you. I really appreciate to those who are always give me some positive words for me to wake up. I realized, no matter what happens, I need to struggle for my finals. Oh yeah, Uncle N is the one who keep on advising and supporting me everyday. He's also the one to make sure I'm not going to sleep during my revision! Hehe. ;p This is one of his meaningful words that I keep ;

"kadang kala kita terasa dugaan yang melanda begitu memeritkan hati..dikutuk,dimaki, ingatlah bukan mereka semua yang menentukan masa depan anda...anda yang menentukannya...biarkan org lain gembira menjatuhkan anda tetapi anda bangun,berdiri teguh melawan dugaan tersebut..."

Yeah, everything happens for a reason. I do believe this. I keep on praying to The Creator, Allah SWT to give the best result suits with my effort. But Alhamdulillah ya Allah, You give me even more :') . There are no such other words to show how much I am being thankful.

I am speechless. I just want to thank and appreciate most to those people who are always keep on supporting me and wake me up, until I got my DL back. Yeah, I am not 4 flatters but I am still being more thankful. Alhamdulillah once again. I love you people~ :)

Oh yeah, thanks a lot to Ayah & Ummi for the special present. Still unbelievable! Hihi ;p . I am soooo excited to end up my final semester and I will work even harder to improve my pointer. Pray for me people, thank you. May Allah SWT bless you :)

PS Want to know what my parents give to me? Wait for the next month's update okay peeps, InsyaAllah ;)


  1. keep it up,nani :D
    and congrats again :)

    do ur really2 best in your final sem,gud luck.! :)

  2. farah ; thankyou babe hehe ;)

  3. cam pernah tgok lah laki2 tuh.. uncle N tuh ex student mrsm merbok ker? kot silap orang..

    btw.. tahniah :)

  4. misz nana ; yup, why? thanks btw ;)

  5. CONGRATES nani . kau memang hebad lah ,kawan :) buat yang paling paling paling best untuk final sem okeyh ? i love you , friend !

  6. anith ; hehe thanks dear, you too ;)