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Thursday, April 28, 2011

fish spa

27th April, suddenly Uncle N and I were saw the Fish Spa at Queensbay, Penang. Oh my goodness, there's only RM19 for student within 30minutes with extra 10 minutes compared from in KL which is around RM25 and above. We were interested to try. I was really excited but a little bit nervous about the fish. What the heck I'm going to soak my feet and then the fish are biting mine? woaaa :O

I was really looking forward to trying it. It is a really interesting spa where little fish called Garra Rufa exfoliate the dead skin on our feet by eating them! If I am not mistaken, they are commonly known as "Doctor Fish" for their effectiveness in assisting eczema patients in their healing process. It very suits me?! Haha lol.

First, we were requested to wash our feet in the washing area where little hand-held shower and small towels are provided. After that, we went to the spa, which has two area namely beginner area and outer area. The beginner area is filled with smaller fish and outer area is filled with the medium size of fish and also the biggest one in the right side of the spa.

We started from the beginner area and very gingerly lowered our feet in. Almost immediately, a big shoal of little Garra Rufa dashed over to start their feeding frenzy! Uncle N was the first to lowered his feet in while I'm still nervous and amused. Haha. However, once I soak my feet, I felt very tickled and cannot stop to laugh at all. LOL.

The fishes are actually toothless and nibble in quick and sucking motions. The smaller fish, nibble with a sensation that feels more like pins and needles which are more tolerable if we're squeamish. With the bigger fish, it feels like we are in squeezing and more comfortable as we are actually didn't feel much that their sharp snouts as they nibble frantically away.

After 40minutes are up, the staff came around to tell our period was end. We dried our feet and back to washing area to clean our feet again. The fishes are actually quite cute and I personally found the spa quite enjoyable once I got over the initial ticklish feeling of the fishes around my feet. Did my feet feel any smoother? It is surprisingly did and felt really nice, smooth and silky after my 40 minutes fish spa treatment.

Oh okay let's see the pictures. Pictures tell everything :))

Oh yeah, I really got the precious experience! Thanks Uncle N for accompany me to try this fish spa :)