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Saturday, January 22, 2011


i can't face it anymore! i hate law. i don't want to study law at all. but i know i can't. i must face it no matter what is going happen. i must pass it so that i will get the good result and then further my study in major of mathematics, i guess? i tought law is easy as abc, but obviously law makes me stress!

Oh God, make it easier and faster please. and you people, don't mess me up with your annoying attitude and what so ever. i have many assignments and tutorials need to be done even tough i have treat you as well as i can but it doesn't work at all. sorry.

and for those who cares, do leave your advise and opinion please. thank you. :)

PS i miss my DNA mixer badly. :(


  1. sabar sayang..~
    you have to do your best k!!

  2. sabar nanisygg.Allah is always be there lahh.okeyh?

    bila kita nak buat benda baek,DIA sentiasa bersama kita.jangan risau.doa banyak banyak.

    BEST OF LUCK,nanithebunny.miss kau wehhh!

  3. nani jgn la cmnie
    lya tau nani pandai
    nani mesti boleh buat ;)

  4. banyak-banyak sabar weh... kadang-kadang kita kena buat benda yang kita tak suka sekali sekala.
    kau mesti boleh buat punya :)

    Nani Fighting !!