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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

End of Diploma

Helloo everyone! Hey yeah it was quite long I'm not updating any post here. Gahh I am so busy with my finals recently. And yes, I got worst fever and I slept for the whole day during my three-tough-killer-papers. The most fear subject of course, LAW! =.='. I don't know how well I'm done with my papers but yet, I just pray I could pass all the papers and can graduate soon yihaaa ;) Amin! 

Hurm, I cried a lot during the last day, especially the last day when I met my classmates, my roommates, my housemates and of course, my best buddy and soul mate Uncle N. Hihi. I don't know when I'm gonna meet all these cool people again. I love them much. We fight, we argue, we smile, we laugh, we cry all together. Seriously, I miss them already. :')

I have too much memories to remember in Kedah. Yeah, I might hate to be there, but now I know there are lots of memories remain and couldn't be erased in my mind. Oh yeah, there will be no blacky Viva WVK with Chelsea's sticker! Haha. I wonder if friends of mine who are still stay in Kedah will miss and remember me. I just hope so. Others, we might be rarely meet, but you don't know how much I remember all of you. Enough said. Thanks for the memories.  Till we meet again.

Dah habis diploma baru tergedik nak ambil gambar kat sawah padi ;p

Me. :')  ♥


  1. hana tak jmp lg apa yg bes kat uitm kedah.mgkin dah last sem baru nk jmpa semua tu. :(

  2. ika ; im gonna miss u! :(

    hana ; eh best la. dari sem 1 dah best dah sebab dikelilingi kawan yg best2 n lecturers yg cool semuanya ;)

  3. lya ; hehe kite pun jarang update ;)