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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seoul Garden

Hello peeps! This entry supposed to be the previous entry but I am so lazy to update and it has been kept safely as a draft. Hehe. :D

Yeah, I'd went to Seoul Garden during my final semester, few days before I end my diploma and going back home for semester break. It is located in Gurney Plaza, Penang. Oh yeah definitely in Penang and not in Seoul, Korea. Haha! *okay that's not funny at all -__-*. This idea came from Uncle N to try the Korean food there, so let's try! It's Steamboat and barbecue buffet and all the food you can eat without any limitation. Ops! No wastage food allowed or else you will be charged RM5.00. Oh my! We were eating and continuing eat till we got stomachache! Haha. Oh I forgot to mention about the food. It must be grilled or boiled in a pot that filled with any kind of soup. Why? They got a lot of food for you to choose and very fresh. They have various type of meats, and they are nicely marinated for you to barbecue. Oh not forgetting  the various type of desserts such as ice creams, frozen fruits, pau kaya *what we call it in English eh? :p*. So we decided to choose Spicy Kimchi Soup. Nyummy! But a bit disappointing it's sweet and not spicy at all. Nevermind, we still enjoy our lunch together ;)  

Okay for further information you just click on Google alright. So let's see the pictures and happy viewing! :)

Uncle N and the fresh food! :p

Mine, marinated fish and coleslaw. Nyummy!

So let's grill and boil in Spicy Kimchi Soup! :D

The Restaurant's view.

The desserts nyum nyum ;p

The Seoul Garden, tadaaaa :D
That's all. Thank you for reading :) 

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